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Frequently asked questions

What if a camper gets sick or needs regular medication?

A health professional is on sight at all times to care for campers and staff, administer medication, and ensure the over all well being of the entire camp. 

Can campers call home?

We have found that it is best for campers not to talk to family or friends from home during camp, as it encourages home sickness. Therefore, campers may not use their phones while at camp.

How do campers communicate with friends and family while at camp?

Regular mail is the best form of communication. Campers love to receive mail. Campers may also receive email, but do not have the ability to send emails through our one way email system.

Will someone contact me if my camper is having difficulty adjusting to camp?

Yes, one of our staff will contact parents, if their camper is experiencing significant homesickness, or other issues.

Are visitors allowed at camp?

Campers are not allowed to have visitors at camp.  

Does camp provide transportation to and from camp?

Yes, Campers are picked up at various locations in the Treasure Valley.  Coach style buses are included in camp fee.